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Online Dialogues
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LEADERSHIP by Example Series 2011
WOMEN in the LEAD with Frances Hesselbein
Our Significant Roles in the Global Economy
...commemorating International Women’s Day – 100 Years

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 | 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET
at the Global Dialogue Center ONLINE CONFERENCE CENTER

Welcome to YOU! The WOMEN in the LEAD global gathering with Frances Hesselbein and its video replay are brought to you by the Global Dialogue Center in partnership with Leader to Leader Institute.

indentRecorded Highlights
Our Women in the LEAD video includes Mrs. Hesselbein sharing her wisdom an
perspectives. Themes were chosen from participant questions and top challenges
contributed at registration. Video begins with a musical introduction to the webinar
with a piano medley by Jessica Roemischer.

  • Welcome and Tribute to 100 years of Women’s Contributions

  • Your Leadership Journey Frances with Special Co-Hosts
    with Debbe Kennedy and Emily Duncan, Jessica Roemischer, and Joan Snyder

  • Being a Leader Frances with Special Contributors...
    Xuan Feng aka “Shiny” (Germany/China) and Stephanie Talamas (U.S./Mexico)

  • The Power Within Frances with Special Contributor
    Maureen Simon

  • Questions from the Audience
    dialogue with Frances

  • Closing Messages for YOU
    from Frances Hesselbein
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WOMEN in the LEAD with Frances Hesselbein

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During the Women in the Lead webinar, there were requests and comments about the power of Frances’ story about Mr. Yee.

She told this moving story in her closing remarks at our first LEADERSHIP by Example webinar in August 2010.

See Frances' Closing Message in the WEBINAR REPLAY message:
Story about Mr. Yee

Segment Timing: 1:00:38 – 1:07:30 on the replay video



Executive KEYNOTE Thought-Leader:
Frances Hesselbein, founding president and CEO, Leader to Leader Institute. Among her many honors, Mrs. Hesselbein is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States of America; awarded by President Clinton to honor her pioneering efforts on behalf of women, diversity, and volunteerism. Mrs. Hesselbein's Biography. Her newest book has just been released, My Life in Leadership: The Journey and Lessons Learned Along the Way (Jossey-Bass 2011).

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LEADERSHIP by Example Tribute to Frances Hesselbein

Hosted by:
Debbe Kennedy, author and founder, Global Dialogue Center
with Emily Duncan, Union City – City Council; formerly, vice president, Hewlett-Packard
Jessica Roemischer, pianist and transformational advisor
Joan K. Snyder, senior manager, Segment Marketing, Forest Laboratories; founder, Rising Star

Special Contributors:
Maureen Simon, author and founder, The Essential Feminine Company
Xuan Feng, M.A., Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich; PhD student, Siemens, China
Stephanie Talamas, Hesselbein Global Academy, University of Pittsburgh, Mexico

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