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...a special conversation with Ron Glover,
IBM Vice President, Diversity & Workforce Programs

A gathering of IBMers around the world past and present


Ron Glover of IBMThe Global Dialogue Center was so honored to partner with the Greater IBM Women's International Network for Leadership and the Greater IBM Connection, a business and social networking global network for past and present IBMers, to host and sponsor LEADERSHIP and DIVERSITY in a CHANGING ECONOMY, a dialogue that included a special conversation with Ron Glover, IBM Vice President Diversity & Workforce Programs.

Greater IBM Blog: Read story about this special online gathering.

At this ONLINE gathering of IBMers past and present, Ron Glover joined us to share from his career journey and to offer insight about the role of leadership and diversity at this time of challenge, crisis, and great opportunity.


It came from Sam Palmisano's bold vision of "A SMARTER PLANET: The Next Leadership Agenda" which he shared in his address to the Council on Foreign Relations in NYC. "...a period of discontinuity is, for those with courage and vision, a period of opportunity." He defined current realities for leaders and innovators, painting a vivid picture of a SMARTER PLANET. At our online gathering, we explored what we all need to do to be one of those leaders that will "change the game."

What happens when leaders and innovators gather ONLINE?
We all discovered the value once again!

Below is the recorded conversation with Ron Glover in Part 1 and Part 2. The final segment, Part 3, includes highlights from the participants comments, reflections and insights. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find HANDOUTS to support your listening experience and related links shared at the event.

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Part 1:
Opening and Ron Glover: His Journey and Being a Leader

Part 2:
Ron Glover: Diversity at IBM and Closing Thoughts

Part 3:
Highlights of Participants Reflections and Insights

Online Dialogue HANDOUTS

Other Handouts from Dialogue Hosts
from Greater IBM Women’s International Network for Leadership


Greater IBM Blog: Read the story of this special online gathering.

Greater IBM Connection
A Business and Social Network for IBMers Past and Present

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