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Membership at the Global Dialogue Center

Basic Annual Membership fee: $15


”In my part of the world, we have something called ubuntu. It is the essence of being human.

We say a person is a person through other persons. I can’t be human in isolation. I need you to be all you can be, so that I can become me and all that I can be.

It is not "I think therefore I am." It says rather: "I am human because I belong. I participate. I share."

-- Desmond Tutu
   Nobel Peace Prize, 1984

About our Basic Annual Membership

Being a member of our Global Dialogue Center community is, by design, a reciprocal commitment and bond based on mutual interest, trust and respect for one another. In a world that is too-often characterized by taking, this is a place of giving, receiving and participation on many levels by everyone who walks through the door.

Our basic annual $15 membership fee is on the honor system.

What’s included in the  Basic Annual Membership fee?

This is an open virtual facility with no passwords or required login for entrance. Your basic annual membership gives you full access to our virtual facility and its wide array of ongoing complimentary offerings, access to our distinctive products and services for purchase and bi-monthly newsletter. Your membership fee and participation is your contribution. Basic Annual Membership fees are use to support development and production of new offerings for your learning and enjoyment.

Our Promise to YOU

Whether you come to visit, use or purchase our distinctive products and services, representing yourself, as an individual or your organization --- or serve as one of our valued partners --- membership at the Global Dialogue Center comes with a deeply held promise from us to deliver exceptional learning opportunities with a high return on your investment in our innovative leadership, professional and personal development offerings.

It is our commitment to provide an uncommon virtual experience that will never be compromised with flying, flashing or floating banner ads, but instead, will always be a virtual facility that is open and brimming with value.


Global Dialogue Center Products and Services
… our distinction is EXCELLENCE in innovative development and delivery since 1990

In February 2006, we began the expansion of our library of leadership, professional and personal development technology-based online virtual offerings that use state-of-the-art podcast technology, online conferencing tools and hard-copy downloadable deliverables that provide personal and professional development solutions for people and organizations.

Development by Subscriptions for Individuals
Earlier this year, we announced Working Together, a Global Dialogue Center exclusive on-the-go leadership and personal development series. A selection of twelve (one per month) 20-minute audio recordings, each program has an action-directed PDF deliverable to enhance learning and facilitate putting it into practice. Available on a per-episode basis and by subscription with a premium PDF offering and a MP3 recording of the session licensed for personal use.

Corporate Leadership & Professional Customized Development Solutions
Today’s organizations are looking for innovative ways to solve problems, develop skills, transform thinking, build confidence, inspire action and help their employees find new meaning in their work.

Global Dialogue Center offers an array of easily accessible of right-when-you-need-it development, distribution and self-paced learning opportunities, including self-learning exhibits, interviews, live virtual events and dialogues and new and easy ways for people to access audio and video programs focused on specific needs customized to your organization mission, style and messaging.

We bring a distinguished record of bringing excellence and innovation in custom communication and learning solutions. The Global Dialogue Center is a wholly owned entity of Leadership Solutions Companies, an award-winning enterprise, specializing in custom development of leadership communications products and services for Fortune 100 companies since 1990.

We are positioned with a portfolio of ready-to-customize learning solutions. Talk to us about what we can do to help you bring more to your employees with broader coverage, reasonable cost and excellence in delivery.

The Gallery Store at the Global Dialogue Center
A store designed to support everything that happens at the Global Dialogue Center, including thoughtfully selected books, gifts and learning resources. Opening soon

10 Ways You Can Make a Personal Contribution
Since we opened our virtual doors, there has been a positive, compelling response to the Global Dialogue Center’s approach to learning that has kept us focused and committed. Many people have asked how they can support the next generation of innovation in this special place. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Buy a $15 Basic Annual Membership
  • Buy books, gifts and learning resources from our store Opening soon
  • Bookmark us, visit often and join on our mailing list (see below)
  • Purchase a subscription or buy episodes of Working Together, our personal- and professional-development series 
  • Tell your friends or share our link in your newsletter
  • Make purchases through our direct links
  • Enjoy our complimentary “virtual events” throughout the site
  • Add us to your links page on your website
  • Make a suggestion; tell us how we are doing
  • Let us produce a custom Corporate virtual learning solution for you


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