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Greetings to all of you!
We continue to have an overwhelmingly positive response to Women in the Lead at the Global Dialogue Center … a unique resource center for women throughout the world. It also continues to be a work-in-progress with a strong commitment to continue to add meaningful content and resources for women around the world.

New Additions and Coming Soon!

MOMENTS OF INSIGHTS SERIES from the Global Dialogue Center presents...
Diversity & Inclusion: The Meaning Behind the Words
with Emily Duncan, Vice President, Culture & Diversity, Hewlett-Packard Company
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At the Women's Gallery at Women in the LEAD
Light in the Dark: A Tribute to Viktor Frankl
with a poem by Sara Robinson

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Women in the Lead INSPIRATION Blog
Offering of Women in the Lead ... a unique resource center for women around the world.
An ongoing source of insight, inspiration and sage advice for women that comes with an invitation for conversation and sharing of ideas. Seeded regularly with the personal writings of Debbe Kennedy, founder, president and CEO, Global Dialogue Center and Leadership Solutions Companies and contributing author, Maureen Simon, Maureen Simon Consulting in San Francisco. See it...


WORKING TOGETHER with Debbe Kennedy
A professional development on-the-go learning series

Are you looking for ways to become more effective as a contributor and leader in your organization? To enhance your ability to innovate, influence and win through others? Explore our new visual preview of the series. Popular topics include:

  • Dealing with Resistance to Change: How to bring people around
  • Putting Differences to Work: Creating a culture of inclusion wherever you go
  • Simplifying Problems: Overcoming the to make organizational issues complex
  • How to Get Buy-In for New Ideas
  • Optimizing Cynics and Bystanders: Don't overlook these valuable resources

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Women in the Lead:
Nwakego: Music for Igbo Children of the World

Nwakego is Igbo. Her motherland is Nigeria. She is a poet with a beautiful voice and a message of love and thanksgiving for the world in the Igbo language. Her new CD, MMA-MMA in Thanksgiving and Love, is a celebration of Igbo songs brought to life as a gift to her children and all Igbo children of the world --- and for you and me too!
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We welcome you to Women in the Lead. Keep a look-out for exciting new things unfolding here. I leave you with this message:

Welcome the unexpected.
Watch for the uncharted path that bears your name.
Lead the way!

All the best to you...

Debbe Kennedy
Author, President, CEO and Founder
Global Dialogue Center and
Leadership Solution Companies

Special Winter/Spring 2007 Update


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