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Joel A. Barker and Scott W. Erickson
FIVE REGIONS OF THE FUTURE at the Knowledge Gallery
Global Dialogue Center

The FIVE REGIONS OF THE FUTURE self-learning exhibit that blazes a new trail, introducing Joel Barker’s and Scott Erickson’s groundbreaking book. In this primer to their discoveries, a new paradigm is unveiled, helping all of us think about technology from a whole new perspective. They offer a compelling look at five very distinct kinds of sophisticated technologies. At this crucial time in our history, they offer us a new set of technology tools to help us make the critical choices necessary to build a better world than we know today. Enjoy the exploration of a new set of possibilities for the 21st Century. Scroll down to see other highlights of the exhibit.

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Five Regions of the Future book cover

Joel Barker and Scott Erickson, co-authors of FIVE REGIONS OF THE FUTURE, join Debbe Kennedy, founder of the Global Dialogue Center for an up-close and personal 3-part conversation. Click on the links below to listen to Parts 1-3 of the FIVE REGIONS OF THE FUTURE audio-podcasts:

Part 1:
About the Five Regions and the characteristics of each region. (25 min)

Part 2:
the discovery of a new technology paradigm and answers
questions about the book (16 min)

Part 3:
How the Five Regions of the Future is being applied in business, life, religion, war, politics, Katrina Hurricane and offer compelling conclusions. (29 min)


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Preparing your business for tomorrow's technology revolution

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Five Regions Book Review:
Harvard Business School

Previous bestseller by Joel A. Barker:
Paradigms: The Business of Discovering the Future

Joel Barker tools icon

Joel Barker has been helping us discover the future for decades. He became internationally known as the Paradigm Man because he introduced the idea paradigm shifts to the world. Joel has spoken to more than 1 million people around the world and his films have been seen by more than 250 million people around the world.

Joel Barker's landmark FILMS: Enjoy FREE Previews!

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity:
Putting Our Differences to Work in the 21st Century

In Wealth, Innovation and Diversity, Joel Barker discusses the connection between diversity and innovation and between innovation and wealth.

Power of Vision View excerpt below
The Power of Vision demonstrates that having a positive vision of the future is the most forceful motivator for change—for success—that companies, schools, communities, nations, and individuals possess.

New Business of Paradigms
The New Business of Paradigms encourages viewers to take risks and recognize the benefits of finding new answers to old questions.

Paradigm Pioneers
Paradigm Pioneers identifies the essential traits of these trailblazers and discusses how you can become one.

Leadershift: Five Lessons For Leaders in the 21st Century
The concept of leadership is changing. Joel Barker's Leadershift explores these shifts and offers five concepts to improve the performance of any leader.

Paradigms: Discovering the Future
Best-selling film!!! Organizations need to innovate and change in order to survive. So why are so many people afraid of it? How do you help people open themselves up to change? Joel Barker's monumental training video, The New Business of Paradigms, explains how the rules we live by can limit our ability to innovate and be creative.

Other Joel Barker films


FIVE REGIONS OF THE FUTURE - Microsoft Leadership Forum
Enjoy Joel Barker's webinar recently held at Microsoft Live Meeting. Includes audio and slideshow with interactive questions and answers. 1 hour. Listen now.

Implication Wheel

The Power of Vision video cover

Filmed on location at Auschwitz, Joel Barker chronicles Viktor Frankl's experience, demonstrating the power of having a positive vision of the future to help overcome the seemingly insurmountable.

See Viktor Frankl's 100th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibit
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