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News at the Global Dialogue Center

The world is calling out for our leadership --- asking us to take on new levels of personal responsibility! The Global Dialogue Center presents leading-edge offerings to support you in responding to this call-to-action. We have an intentional focus on leadership, professional and personal development. We know if all of us can think, question, explore new thinking and ideas, we can be more effective catalysts for creating a better world than we know today.

Highlights of What’s New…
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Frances Hesselbein

Leadership by Example Webinar
A Conversation with Frances Hesselbein

founding president and CEO
Leader to Leader Institute
(formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation
for Nonprofit Management)
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How to get buy-in for new ideas

Tactics of Innovation:
How to Get Buy-In for NEW IDEAS

a professional development class at the Global Dialogue Center

with executive instructors Joel Barker, futurist, filmmaker, author, and Debbe Kennedy, author, president and founder, Global Dialogue Center

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Frances Hesselbein

At the KNOWLEDGE GALLERY now showing
Tribute to Frances Hesselbein
founding President and CEO, Leader to Leader Institute
(formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management)
We are deeply honored to showcase this inspiring exhibit, highlighting Mrs. Hesselbein's remarkable leadership accomplishments. You will have an up-close and personal look inside her journey, experience an intimate conversation with her, and learn from her example. Now showing...

Differences in Duet

Enlightening Books BK COLLECTION

A new collection to our Knowledge Gallery produced in partnership with Berrett-Koehler Publishers, a community dedicated to creating a world that works for all. The collection will be dynamic with a revolving selection of books from Berrett-Koehler’s three imprints: BK Currents, BK Life, and BK Business, as well as other special offerings.

Differences in Duet

The Women’s Gallery proudly presents...

...Musical Expressions from the Heart with Jessica Roemischer

Enlightening Films

Enlightening Documentary Films
This is a collection of meaningful and eye-opening documentaries on subjects from water, sustainability, energy, coming together with music, healthcare, world hunger, and little known stories you probably missed in school.

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Innovating in HARD TIMES Recorded Highlights

women dancing icon Women's ONLINE Global Dialogue - RECORDED HIGHLIGHTS
"It's a NEW DAY! Renewing Ourselves; Changing the World"

Putting Our Differences to Work
A Digital Art Exhibit at the Knowledge Gallery

...Honoring the work of Bay Area artist, Sally K. Green
This special exhibit celebrates our many dimensions of difference
as individuals, sharing insight from many unique vantage points
about our HOPES and promise for the future, and what it means
to work together.

Take a tour...

Bowl of cherries

A Women’s Investment
...a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit
a special Wonderwebby project by Jasmin Tragas

When we put our hearts and talents into a project, wonderful things can happen, including a chance to change lives, make a difference, and speak out against poverty. Learn from the insights of twenty-six women in this inspiring visual learning exhibit.

Shift in Action, a program of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
Interview with Debbe Kennedy, author of Putting Our Differences to Work
on ConverZations that Matter, a teleseminar hosted by Belvie Rook

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Learning From One Another's Role Models
A Greater IBM Global Women's Gathering

There is something about GATHERING that matters. People like it, especially when it is genuine.

When Greater IBM women (and men) came together to put the spotlight on "Learning from Each Other's Role Models." The event was sponsored by the Greater IBM Women's International Network for Leadership (GIBM WIN-L) and was held online at our Global Dialogue Center CONFERENCE Center.

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Perry Peacock

The Perry Peacock Movie (4 minutes of sheer delight!)
Inspired by the bestselling book Peacock in the Land of Penguins
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Global Dialogue Center Inspired...
New Book! Putting Our Differences to Work:
The Fastest Way to Innovation, Leadership, and High Performance

by Debbe Kennedy, Founder of the Global Dialogue Center

From the Foreword by Joel A. Barker, futurist, filmmaker and author:
"Debbe teaches us how diversity accelerates innovation to everyone’s advantage. This is a win-win-win book in which you and your people win, your organization wins, and the world wins."

Ways to help share the message with others...

Described as a "celebration" by Michael Ray, Professor, Stanford University Graduate School of Business Emeritus, Debbe's new book highlights stories from members of our Global Dialogue Center community and others around the world. The book is both a personal and practical guide for leaders at all levels.


Light in the Dark: A Tribute to Viktor Frankl
with a poem by Sara Robinson

This moving portrayal includes a reading by the author creating an extraordinary self-learning experience you won't want to miss.

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In Commemoration: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Timeless insight to consider as we work together to create a more peaceful world.

Includes extraordinary lessons from Dr. King and a link to rarely seen video of Dr. King's speech at Grace Cathedral in 1965. By Global Dialogue Center founder, Debbe Kennedy. Original MLK commemorative painting by Bay Area artist, Sally K. Green (

Read the commemoration.


New Business Thinking: The Search for a Meaningful Contribution
...a conversation with Christopher Kenny

A fresh perspective on leadership, business and life with a focus on purpose and making a meaningful contribution. Learn more


Moments of Insight COLLECTION at the Global Dialogue Center

BRAND NEW audio learning series designed to bring you leading thought-leader knowledge. The series brings on-the-go leadership, professional and personal development. Three new programs with John Perkins, NY Times Bestselling Author, author, Dr. Alex Pattakos and Emily Duncan, Hewlett-Packard. Learn more and listen in...

Nelson Mandela  

The Power of One

Insights of Leadership from Nelson Mandela

Learn more ...

John Renesch  

Moments of Insight Collection presents...
with John Renesch, futurist and author,
Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing

John explores moments of insight about how business, organizations and individuals can lead the way to new possibilities and a better future. Learn more and listen...

Lynne Twist  

Money, Sustainability, Abundance and YOU
with Lynne Twist, author and founder, Soul of Money Institute

Lynne explores moments of insight from her grounding-breaking work, sharing inspiring stories and offering practical ideas for action from her personal journey.
Learn more and listen...


BT's Big Thinkers series
Diversity: Not Whether, but now!

(recorded webcast hosted by British Telecom)

Emily Duncan, VP,Culture & Diversity, HP; Libby Sartain, Senior VP, HR and Chief People, Yahoo!; Colonel Jim Bowden, Director of Manning, UK Army; and Tatyana Kanzaveli, Director, Sales, Luxoft join Tim Smart, President, BT Global Services in the UK and Esther Dyson, facilitator for this compelling discussion about the role of diversity and inclusion in workplaces and marketplaces around the world. Listen now


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We came to be heard
We came as equals

...celebrating three remarkable days in history

See this commemorative visual, self-learning exhibit, celebrating three days in history, when the people of the world came together in an unprecedented online dialogue for the 1st TIME. We pay special tribute, in this work, to the visionary leadership of the Government of Canada, UN-Habitat and IBM, whose visionary leadership, belief in people and possibilities, innovative technology brought this small miracle to life for all of us.

See the exhibit.

nwakego icon

Women in the Lead:
Nwakego: Music for Igbo Children of the World

Nwakego is Igbo. Her motherland is Nigeria. She is a poet with a beautiful voice and a message of love and thanksgiving for the world in the Igbo language. Her new CD, MMA-MMA in Thanksgiving and Love is a celebration of Igbo songs brought to life as a gift to her children and all Igbo children of the world --- and for you and me too!

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Bill Tipton icon

Dialogue with Bill:
Insights and Conversation on Life and Work with a Disability

Join Bill's growing global audience. His storytelling and sage advice is touching the world.

Bill Tipton, Project Manager for Hewlett-Packard and Contributing Author at the Global Dialogue Center shares his inspiring story and offers insights on how he has been able reinvent himself from sighted to completely blind to inspiring leader and role model for others.

Global Dialogue Center Favorites...

African baby image

Perspective from Oguchi Nkwocha, M.D., Igbo visionary from Biafra/south-eastern Nigeria

Get an inside look at south-eastern Nigeria and learn how our collective consciousness and action can be a catalyst for change and survival for many innocent people.

Listen now 24:00 (13.8MB MP3)

women in the lead icon

Women in the Lead PODCASTS
Conversations with inspiring women changing the world.

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Other popular places to visit at the Global Dialogue Center


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