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Women in the Lead PODCASTS featuring remarkable women!

The Global Dialogue Center's Women in the Lead ...a unique resource center for women throughout the world proudly presents....

Tina Rasmussen

From the Women’s Gallery...
Interview with Jessica Roemischer
pianist and music educator

A visual self-learning exhibit above serves as a prelude to our very special conversation with Jessica Roemischer. Includes recorded music and


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Tina Rasmussen

Women in the Lead presents...
…an ongoing series conversations with women rising up to pursue work they love

Diversity Mosaic: An Interview with author Tina Rasmussen
In this personal interview, Tina Rasmussen talked about the challenges she sees in today's workplace, the personal motivation behind her work and her new book and set of tools designed to support establishing a successful diversity initiative.


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Working Together icon

professional development learning series for leaders on-the go

This is a leadership coaching, mentoring and professional and personal development audio/podcast series with Debbe Kennedy, author and founder of the Global Dialogue Center and Leadership Solutions Companies.

Working Together is a personal, but highly practical exploration of the realities of collaboration, influence and innovation in a world that is full of differences; full of timeless wisdom, quick reference tools and recommended resources.


  • Minimizing the Impact of Change: Focusing on People
  • Consideration for Others: Learning to Think Mutualistically
  • The Perpetual Cycle of Action: Achieving Results Together

See the new visual self-guided tour!

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Photo of Emily Duncan

Looking Back; Looking Forward: A Women's Journey
Interview with Emily Duncan,
Vice President, Culture & Diversity, Hewlett-Packard

Emily Duncan talks candidly about influences on her life and work, lessons learned and advice in an up-close and personal conversation.

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Photo of Helen Fisher

A personal conversation with Dr. Helen Fisher, Ph.D.
Author, The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They are Changing the World

An intimate conversation about the emerging roles of women in the 21st Century. Topics include, business, sex and family life---and insights from Dr. Fisher's personal journey as a leader in her own right.

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Melinda Kramer

Women in the Lead presents...
…an ongoing series conversations with women rising up to pursue work they love

An Interview with Melinda Kramer
Co-Founder, Women’s Global Green Action Network.

Learn from an extraordinary young visionary following her heart and being a powerful catalyst for change all over the world. She will enlighten you and leave you deeply moved by her accomplishments with Women's Green Action Network.

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See Melinda Kramer in "Wonder Women" in Grist Magazine's Interactivist: Q & A with environvironmental foot soldiers

An image of Karen Pomroy with horse

Women in the Lead WOMEN's GALLERY presents...

The Personal Story of Karen Pomroy
Founder, Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
@ Jumpin' Jack Ranch

This podcast is part of the opening exhibit at our WOMEN's GALLERY. It showcases a courageous story about the work and passions of Karen Pomroy's mission to save the horses, be powerful advocate for women’s health, while setting an example for us all about what it means to follow one's heart.

Listen to PODCAST:

Part 1: Saving the Horses - the early beginnings (13:01, 6MB)

Part 2: The Premarin Crisis for Women and Horses (15:43, 7.26MB)

Part 3: The Courage to Follow Your Heart (11:15, 9MB)

Go to Women's Gallery to see visual self-learning exhibit that accompanies this podcast.

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