an image of the entrance to the Women in the Lead Women's Gallery with photos of Dorothy Height, Mother Teresa and others on the wall

WOMEN'S GALLERY at Women in the Lead
at the Global Dialogue Center

Our gallery is dedicated to showcasing women’s leadership in all its unique and influential forms. It is our greatest hope that YOU will be inspired by the stories that will be shared within these virtual walls, carrying the wisdom of women, past and present, from their hearts to yours.

Now showing...


FrancesLEADERSHIP by Example
Tribute to Frances Hesselbein
founding President and CEO, Leader to Leader Institute

(formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management)
We are deeply honored to showcase this inspiring exhibit, highlighting Mrs. Hesselbein's remarkable leadership accomplishments at the Knowledge Gallery, our sister gallery at the Global Dialogue Center. You will have an up-close and personal look inside her journey, experience an intimate conversation with her, and learn from her example. Now showing...


Differences in Duet

...Musical Expressions from the Heart with Jessica Roemischer

A visual self-learning exhibit above serves as a prelude to our very special conversation with Jessica Roemischer. Includes recorded music and video.


cherriesA Women’s Investment
...a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit

a special Wonderwebby project by Jasmin Tragas

When we put our hearts and talents into a project, wonderful things can happen, including a chance to change lives, make a difference, and speak out against poverty. Learn from the insights of twenty-six women in this inspiring visual learning exhibit.


Light in the Dark: A Tribute to Viktor Frankl
with a poem by Sara Robinson

This moving portrayal includes a reading by the author creating an extraordinary self-learning experience you won't want to miss.


WGGAN iconComing Together; Changing the World: ... Celebrating 30 Visionary Women
a most-deserved honoring of the Women's Global Green Action Network (WGGAN), celebrating their summit in Mexico City. We invite you to enjoy this a multi-media self-learning experience.


Horses iconSaving the Horses; Following Your Heart
The Personal Story of Karen Pomroy
Founder, Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary

This special exhibit showcases the work and passions of Karen Pomroy's mission to save the horses and be an advocate for women’s health. The self-learning exhibit is a story about personal leadership, following your heart and provides moving perspective about the crisis of Premarin for women and for horses. Includes a visual exhibit, 3-part audio/podcast and includes resource links to three valuable women's health resources.

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